Cointiply – My Favorite Site To Earn Bitcoin


Cointiply is by far my favorite site to earn Bitcoin from since starting this. You can earn so many different ways, the main faucet, playing games, CPU mining, PTC ad clicks, watching videos, offer walls and surveys, referrals, and their mining game.  The minimum payout for this site is 100,000 coins (or $10) to your Bitcoin Wallet.  If you have a Doge Wallet, you can withdraw for a minimum of 50,000 coins.  You can also cash out to your account with a minimum withdraw of 35,000 coins.

The mining game to me is what sets Cointiply far apart from other sites.  You reinvest what you make on the site and put it into MP for your mine.  Once you reach a certain level, you will begin to accrue coins every hour for doing nothing!  You do have to check into your mine once an hour or your mines efficiency will drop, affecting how many coins you earn per hour and ultimately what rank you’re in.  Purchase buildings and upgrade them to earn even more and gain higher ranks.  There is also the Bonus Mining Pool, and depending on what rank you are, you will also get a percentage every hour of that as well.  They have chat support on the mining game page where admin and mods are active and help answer questions you might have.


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2 thoughts on “Cointiply – My Favorite Site To Earn Bitcoin


    (November 3, 2018 - 12:10 pm)

    I wanted to register in the site but the technical form of the site (the bottle plug between the name cointiply and the transparent home page)…


      (November 11, 2018 - 6:28 am)

      meddlesome who uses this game he wants to (monter sur le toi)

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