Thanksgiving 2018 Contest


Thanksgiving 2018 Badge
Thanksgiving 2018 Badge!



We're having our first contest starting November 1st!  The first 3 people to achieve the Thanksgiving 2018 Badge win!  Here are the prizes, please keep in mind we're a new site and the prizes will get bigger over time!


First Place - $15

Second Place - $10

Third Place - $5

*BONUS LGC: Everyone who achieves the badge will win 2000 Legitcoins!*


The prize will be sent to your BTC wallet address on file (or a different coin if you want), so please make sure your wallet address is correct!  Here are the requirements to achieve the Thanksgiving 2018 Badge:


How To Win


-Log into the site 20 days

-Visit the website 20 days

-Make 10 new friends (limit 1 per day)

-Get 6 approved comments on a site post, for instance a News post or BTC site review post (approved in the order left, limit 1 per day!)

-Upload a profile picture at least once (counts even if added before contest starts)

-Upload a cover photo at least once (counts even if added before contest starts)

-Start one new Group located here

-Join 2 new Groups here

-Make 10 (good) Group Comments (limit 1 per day) like the example here

Group Comment Example. Click Activity to get the 2nd circle to appear. Write your comment there and it will show up in the 3rd circles feed.


The contest will end when the first 3 members win the badge, but you can still win the badge to add to your collection until November 30th.  Good luck to everyone, and thanks for helping this site grow!  December is already shaping up with a nice Christmas Badge and a NEW contest coming!