Holy Microwallet Batman, FaucetHub.io is LEGIT!


FaucetHub.io is awesome.  That’s one of the simplest ways to put it.  There are so many ways to earn money, and the owners show you they want everyone to have a chance to earn something.  Definitely a legit bitcoin faucet site!  They deal with MANY cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etherum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, BitCore, Potcoin, ZCash, Blackcoin, Primecoin, Peercoin, DigiByte and Monero.  There are many reasons this site is great, from leveling up, the chatbox with amazing and helpful members, the games, the OfferWalls, the faucet list….let’s get started on what makes FaucetHub.io such a great microwallet!

The Bitcoin Faucets

Since this site is mainly about legit bitcoin faucets, what better place to start than there?  FaucetHub.io boasts an enormous list of member generated faucets, around 250 of which you can see without being a premium member.  If you decide to purchase a premium membership, there around another 250 sites unlocked that regular members can’t access.  I’ll talk more about becoming a premium member and the benefits surrounding that a little later.  To summarize, there are over 500+ bitcoin faucet sites available through this site.  The more you claim from faucets on the list, the more EXP points you earn along the way so you can level up!  More on leveling up coming up as well.

Making it Rain Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Chat

The site owners, other members, mods, pretty much anyone can go in the chatbox and “make it rain” at any time.  Basically, you’re donating a portion of however much you want to part with, and showering the other members with your cryptogenerosity.  There is a minimum amount you have to donate for each currency, and it can take some getting used to how to type the command in the box.  For example, a donation of 0.00000100 Bitcoin to 10 users would require the command “/rain 100 10 BTC”.  There are instructions located at the top of the chatbox labeled Rules which tell you how to make it rain, and also how to “tip”.  Instead of making it rain to random members, you can choose instead to directly tip someone some currency.  Again those commands are located in the rules at the top.  The rains can give random currencies, but A LOT of POT crypto is given away there!

Earn With Games and OfferWalls

One of the other many ways to earn free bitcoin from FaucetHub.io is playing the games!  They have a Multi-Coin Lottery, a “rock, paper, Bitcoin” game, and Rambo Bitcoin Dice.  Another benefit of having a premium membership is the ability to unlock more options on the Dice game that make it easier and more profitable to win.   You can also unlock the higher paying surveys and better survey companies by becoming a premium member.

Become a Premium Member and Change Your Username

Becoming a premium member has many benefits, whether you’re a member trying to earn free bitcoin or a site owner trying to get referrals!  You can choose to get a 30-day plan, or pay each day as you go!  Also, you can change your username if you want for 0.00010000 Bitcoin currently.  The benefit to this is if you’re like me and didn’t know this site actually likes promoting, you probably signed up with a name that wasn’t your referral site.  And, you can change the font through CSS to make your name more flashy in the chatbox to attract more users to your sites.  This can be purchased for 0.00050000 BTC.  Here’s all the info for what purchasing a 30-day membership will get you, and what it costs as of this writing:


I’m really glad I stumbled upon FaucetHub.io, and decided to figure stuff out, because I was definitely confused and didn’t know where to start when I first joined.  It took me a little while to figure out how to link my bitcoin wallet address to the site, and how to level up to start unlocking stuff.  Once you get the hang of it though you’ll be earning in no time, and getting rained on in the chatbox!


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3 thoughts on “Holy Microwallet Batman, FaucetHub.io is LEGIT!


    (November 5, 2018 - 9:03 am)

    best broker to faucets sites


    (November 17, 2018 - 2:43 pm)

    Which altcoin should I purchase?
    If you are a Faucet Owner or simply want to open a faucet in a new currency then you know which coin you can buy. We don’t give any advice on which currency to buy and not to buy, we just provide the means for you to do so. DYOR (do your own research) if you are looking to invest into a specific altcoin.

    How do I make a profit through trading?
    There is only 1 rule: buy low and sell high. This is always easier said than done, and we do not encourage you to trade for profit. Trading is a risk and you can either lose everything by making a bad move, or you can succeed. As mentioned above, DYOR.

    Why can I not set my own buy/sell prices?
    This exchange is more of a “coin swap” between users. You place buy and sell orders to indicte your intention to exchange, while waiting for the opposite to come along. This means the amount of coins you recieve by the end of the trade will be different than what you initially asked for.

    Making a sell order will always give you the current rate on coinmarketcap.com in BTC worth.
    Making a buy order will give you less or more coins, using the same coinmarketcap.com rate.

    I placed an order and altcoin X price changed a large amount, what happens to my order?
    As mentioned above orders take place at current rate point of sale. If you are waiting for a buy/sell order to be filled and you don’t want to get less or pay more for your coins, then cancel your order.

    What are the trading minimums?
    There are 2 different types of minimums, for buying and selling which changes based on the current price of each altcoin.

    No, you need to first sell your DOGE to BTC, and then purchase LTC using your earned BTC. It’s not prohibited to exchange currencies with other users, however we encourage you to use our exchange. Trading between other users via chat is at your own risk. If you get scammed we will NOT help you!

    What is the exchange fee?
    The fee for buying is different for whether you are premium or a moderator, see below for more details. There is no fee for selling. If you cancel a buy order before it’s filled there is no refund for the fee so keep this in mind when placing an order.

    Regular users: 0.5%
    Premium users: 0.3%
    Moderators users: 0.2%
    Can I refund a trade I made in error?
    No, there are no refunds on trades. Think first before placing an order.

    Buying cryptocurrency for BTC

    Cryptocurrency sales for BTC

    Easily sell your earned Crypto-Currencies into Bitcoin automatically

    Auto-Sell places your funds into sell orders for other users to purchase, giving you Bitcoin in return. All you have to do is continue claiming from faucets, get tips, or deposit altcoins into your account.

    Unlock the exchange Auto-Sell feature today by becoming a Premium user.


    (November 20, 2018 - 3:04 pm)

    On this page you can link your wallet addresses to your account to receive payments from other sites.

    WARNING You must link a currency address before you can receive a payout in that currency.


    Please do not use multiple addresses to abuse faucets. In order to protect Faucet Owners and our users, our Anti-Fraud System will freeze your account permanently resulting in information you provided to us (username, wallet addresses & email address) to be blacklisted and access to your account permanently restricted. For more information please read the Terms & Conditions.

    Important information regarding ETH addresses
    We have recently implemented a change which may allow withdrawing to Contract addresses which before resulted in ‘Out of Gas’ errors.. However if in the case of sending to a complex contract it can still fail, and refunds will not be provided.

    Important information regarding XMR addresses
    We only support withdraws to non-integrated addresses, and do not support sending using a payment ID at this time. We highly recommend making sure that you do not withdraw to a place that requires a payment ID (e.g. exchanges). We suggest that you use the official Monero GUI wallet to receive & send payments.

    Important information regarding BCH addresses
    We do not currently support withdraws to BitcoinCash’s CashAddr (addresses looking like bitcoincash:qpm2qs…) at this time. You can convert your addresses into Legacy addresses

    Important information regarding ZEC addresses
    We do not support withdraws to ZCash’s z-addr (addresses starting with a Z). Please make sure only to use addresses starting with a t (transparent addresses).

    Important information regarding BTX addresses
    BitCore addresses recently changed from Legacy bitcoin addresses to their own format. You can convert a Legacy bitcoin address to a BTX address here.

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