Legit Bitcoin Faucets Get Updated, Again!

A few weeks ago I made a post about the new things happening around LBF, and I'm happy to report there are even more new things happening, and more in the works!  Here are some of the new things added in the past few weeks:


One of the most noticeable new things on the site is the addition of Legitcoins!  Legitcoins are site only coins that can be used to level up and gain badges.  Soon they will be redeemable for prizes, if you have any ideas please send in a support ticket so we can get your idea in the new LBF Shop coming soon.

Check your Legitcoins balance


Find out how to earn Legitcoins



Earn Legitcoins to rank up!  The more Legitcoins you earn, the higher you can get your rank, all the way from the Beginner level up to Legit Legend.

Find out info on all the levels and ranks



Going hand-in-hand with Legitcoins and ranks, badges are now available to show your LBF achievements!  All members start with a Welcome! badge and go from there, free to collect as many as possible!  Get badges by completing specific site events, like logging in, visiting the site, uploading a profile pic, changing your cover photo, friending other members, and more!  So far there is a Welcome! badge, a Level 1 badge, and a Halloween 2018 badge!  Get the Halloween badge by logging in 1 time and visiting the site at least 3 times total before 10/31/2018.

See all the current badges and how you can earn them


Support Ticket System

We now have a support ticket system in place so you can write in with issues instead of having to use the Contact Us form.  This will make it easier if your wallet address gets disabled, just send in a ticket and your address should get unlocked quicker than in the past.  Also if there are any other issues or ideas for the site please feel free to send in a ticket!

Send in a ticket



Come by and introduce yourself.  Share referral links for other sites you like.  Get help for FaucetHub issues or with referring other members.  (Coming soon: earn Legitcoins for your Forum activity!)



Check Your Balance

Now you can see how many daily claims you've made before you claim again.  This should help prevent wallet addresses from getting blocked.  On the page there is a chart with how much you've claimed, and info for how many daily claims you've made, been paid by the site, and still are owed.  This will make it easier to keep track of how much we're gonna pay you so it's no longer a guessing game.

Check your balance here for any coin

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