We Got Game(s)!

Legit Bitcoin Faucets has added 3 games you can play for extra free Satoshis:








Currently the payouts are as follows:

10 Satoshi (90% chance of winning), 20 Satoshi (9% chance of winning), and 30 Satoshi (1% chance of winning)

You can play once an hour (for Satoshi, feel free to practice any time!), and playing any game will win any of the 3 payouts listed above.



2048 - Use your arrow keys to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same numbers touch, they merge into one.  The more numbers you get to merge into each other the higher your score!

BlockRain - Ever play Tetris?  There you go!  🙂

Lines - You start with 3 balls on the board.  Click on any of them and any open space beside it.  This will move the ball and add more balls to the board.  The goal is to get 5 balls in a row to remove them from the board.  The more you clear, the higher your score!


What Else Was Added, And More Still to Come

Not done yet by a long shot!  In addition to the 3 games added today, I have also added RainCaptcha as a security CAPTCHA for the faucets.  Also, I added Steem, Monero, and Zcash to the Coin Prices widget in the sidebar.  In the future I might adjust the payout of the games based on the score depending on how it goes and if people are active with them.  If you have any ideas or want to see anything new please let me know, I'm in the chatroom a lot!  Thanks so much guys for continuing to claim and be active even while waiting for payments, I'm hoping me constantly updating you and paying mostly on time is what's keeping you knowing I'm LEGIT!


*Submit Your Faucet*

I'm still waiting for members to submit their faucets so I can get the faucet page going!  What are you waiting for guys?  Check out the info page and let's all make some extra $$$! --->  SUBMIT HERE


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